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Mountain Ranges

It’s been quite a while since my last post, and it’s well past time for an update.  The nine months of 2016 have been crazy – it has been very much like a mountain range.  Some very high peaks and some extreme lows. And I imagine for those viewing from the outside, it might seem quite spectacular.  I mean who wouldn’t want to visit seven different countries in two different trips over four months? But while you might stare at the peaks in awe, I haven’t shared much about the extreme lows.  Fatigue, pain, exhaustion, neuralgia, balance issues, discrimination, challenges with treatment management and care. Did I mention fatigue?

Just like any other person, I face challenges every day. But I am getting better at seeing the opportunity in these challenges. There is a martial arts principle and possibly even a Bruce Lee quote (sorry – a little too distracted to check google) that in summary says that in every attack there is a weakness and in every weakness there is strength. So yes in every challenge there is an opportunity. It’s just sometimes it is super hard to find.

Sometimes it’s doing my best to lead by example and admit my fears, as I practice the message we teach our kids – that it’s not just okay to be scared – it is necessary. In order to be courageous, we must first be scared. It’s not being brave if you’re not afraid. This is our definition of courage.

Finding or creating opportunities does not make up for the more ‘negative’ challenges I have been dealt. Being told you have a terminal condition is not an opportunity. It really is a devastating thing to be told. You can’t confuse this or romanticise it. But as this is the reality of my situation, I have found it easier to live when focusing on creating these opportunities and searching for every positive I can find.  It’s like adding that amazing sunset behind the mountain range.

So, rather than try to catch you up with all of this year’s news in an extended written thesis, I thought I’d share with you a view of the peaks, a brief overview of the more distant lows, and let you in on this most recent descent.

This is not a message to say I am dying; this is a message to say I am living. And living to my fullest.

Check out the video below.  (If you don’t know about Timmy, then I’d recommend you check out my post From Battlefield to Playground.)

Cameron Gill

Yes, I still have cancer.

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